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Tag et år ude til Asien for frivilligt arbejde, rejse i Asien og for betalt arbejde i udlandet.

Asien er en enorm forskellig artet region med så meget at tlbyde

Vi har Asien år ude og karriere pause, frivilligt arbejde og rejse programmer over hele kontinentet, som rækker fra frivilligt arbejde med børn med underpriviligerede samfund til dyre konservering, frivilligt eller betalt arbejde.

Klik på et område på kortet for at finde mere information om Asien år ude frivilligt arbejde og rejse programmer.



Cambodia Childcare Volunteers near Angkor Wat from €807

Help underpriviledged children in Siem Reap and provide them with the much needed tuition, care and attention they deserve for a brighter future.

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Cambodia Floating School near Angkor Wat from €777

Help make a difference in Cambodia! Assist the teachers at a local Pagoda (temple) school and at a unique Floating school during the week and then see the incredible temples of Angkor and so much more in your free time.

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Cambodia Orphanage Volunteers Phnom Penh from €729

This is an amazing opportunity for you to give the children of Phnom Penh a chance to a brighter future. You will be able to make such a difference to the lives of these orphaned children by providing them with the vital education and care they are in desperate need of.

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China Giant Panda Conservation from €949

Assist in a giant panda sanctuary and help to save this incredible species from extinction. You will be involved in feeding and observing the pandas, as well as the opportunity to help with important research projects.

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China Martial Arts Academy from €1059

Master the basics of Kung Fu and its distinctive styles and techniques. After a few weeks of training, you should be able to break a brick in half with your bare hands!

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China Paid Teaching with TEFL from €2777

Get your TEFL certificate and work as a professional, paid English teacher in China. You’ll be introduced to the culture, be taught basic Mandarin and have time to travel in the school holidays.

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India Experience from €1407

Explore the bustling streets and markets of New Delhi, ride a camel safari through the Thar Desert, learn yoga and visit the world famous Taj Mahal. After all of this chill out on spectacular beaches of Goa as you blaze a trail through the most iconic and incredible sites of India!

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India Goa Community Volunteers from €547

Ever wanted to take a break and do something worthwhile but didn’t have the time? Combine both your needs on this short progamme in Goa which introduces you to friendly locals and their culture and enables you to gain volunteer experience.

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India Goa Volunteer and Adventure from €1407

Combine trekking, a stay in a tribal village, a yoga course and volunteering with children or adults. You’ll get a real taste of India and help areas that haven’t benefited from international money.

More Information
India Himalaya Volunteer and Adventure from €1519

Make a real difference to the lives of people in Himalayan India. Your work in orphanages, day centres and schools will have a direct impact and will be much appreciated. Cultural activities and a trip to the Taj Mahal included.
Project Video Now Online

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Malaysia Orang-Utan Experience from €1799

Work with orang-utans in a zoo, before seeing them in a rehabilitation centre and the wild. The trip takes you deep into the Bornean jungle, where you’ll help build trails and get to know the Iban tribes.

More Information
Malaysia Zoo Assistant from €1009

Help out zookeepers and learn about the likes and dislikes of sun bears, camels, elephants, tigers and more. Your tasks might include feeding, cleaning out and catching the animals and working as a guide.
Project Video Now Online

More Information
Nepal Community Volunteers from €817

Teach at a school, a childcare centre, in a monastery or help with building and construction work. Jungle safaris, elephant rides and dance lessons will teach you about Nepal, too.

More Information
NEW - Ultimate Wildlife Experience from €11509

Covering Thailand, China, Malaysia, Africa and Australia, this really is the ultimate wildlife experience! Lend a hand with vital conservation work across the globe and get up close to a variety of animals! Zimbabwe - Thailand - China - Malaysia - Australia - USA

More Information
NEW - World Wildlife Explorer from €5489

Ideal for animal lovers who want to make a difference while they traverse the globe, this adventure packed conservation gap year will take you from the tropics of Thailand to the beaches of Florida! Thailand - Australia - USA

More Information
Sri Lanka Sea Turtle and Community Volunteers from €839

Work with the local community on this worthwhile volunteering programme. You'll help to conserve and protect turtles in Sri Lanka and assist cleaning, feeding and releasing the turtles and increase their chances of survival and you'll also teach conversational English to the locals to enable them a brighter future.

More Information
Thailand Building Volunteers from €889

Get involved in this worthwhile volunteer programme and help develop the resources that Thai school children will be able to benefit from in the future.

More Information
Thailand Childcare Volunteers from €697

Experience real Thai life spending time with underpriviledged children at various different childcare centres.

More Information
Thailand Community and Elephant Volunteers from €1009

Help plant crops to feed the elephants of the province, enjoy giving them a wash down at the river and offer support to the local communities on this exciting programme in Surin.

More Information
Thailand Experience from €1167

Learn about the Thai culture, food and people on this unforgettable introduction of Thailand. Enjoy temples, markets, cooking lessons and tours and take part in a variety of volunteer projects or enjoy trekking in the hills of Sangkhlaburi. Spend your last week relaxing on the beautiful island of Koh Pha Ngan.

More Information
Thailand Highlights from €509

Kick start your backpacking experience by joining our exciting 10 day tour introducing you to the wonders of Thailand. From bustling markets, to secluded tropical islands to ancient temples, you'll get a real taste for this fascinating country.

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Thailand Island Hopping from €819

Join this exciting tour and witness some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches on the most stunning islands that Thailand has to offer. From snorkelling in crystal clear waters to exploring natural waterfalls, you’re in for the ultimate Island hopping experience….

More Information
Thailand Scuba Diving Courses from €407

Choose a diving programme to suit you and learn or hone your skills in Thailand’s beautiful blue waters. Take the instructor programme and gain the necessary qualifications to work in a scuba diving centre.

More Information
Thailand Teaching Volunteers from €759

Help Thai Children prepare for a better future by teaching them English in the rural Surin province.

More Information
Vietnam Experience from €917

Good morning Vietnam!The silhouettes of Vietnam’s legendary junk ships in Halong Bay set against the backdrop of a stunning sunset will take your breath away. Soak up the local culture, teach English to local children or trek through the mountains of Sapa - you're in for a truly unforgettable experience.

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